Your 30 Day To Healthy Living Program

Here at Fierce Figures, we know the importance of setting daily, realistic goals that compound over time to give you the results and successes you desire… and thats where the Fierce in 30 program comes in to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals in a structured, yet realistic & simplistic way.
We take away all the guess work for you and set you up with an easy to follow nutrition, supplementation and workout program to get you the results you desire.

The FIERCE IN 30 Program Includes:

Vegan Supplement Fit Kit

Your 30 day program includes:

30 vegan & gluten free breakfasts

30 vegan & gluten free lunches

80 beverages & probiotics

Greens superfood or  7 day cleanse

All delivered right to your door step!


Nutrition & Exercise Program

-An easy to follow program guide with tips, tricks and education

-Weekly sample meal plans and  program friendly grocery guides

- Program friendly recipes 

-30 day at home or in gym workout program

Online Coaching

Not only will you gain access to our private Facebook group you will also receive 1 on 1 coaching from Stefanie to make sure you are reaching all your goals and sticking to your program!

(This is an incredible value itself! Away from Fiercein30, coaching prices start at the cost of your Fit Kit alone!)

Start your Fierce in 30 Program today!

Become a part of the Fierce Revolution.

"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

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