B.A.D.D. is an acronym that stands for Babe Achieving Dreams & Destiny and its the perfect way to describe whats included when you join me inside our exclusive members only club.

Call me crazy for doing this - but i wish this type of membership existed when i was starting my journey because it has everything you need to live your best life all in one place.

Typically to receive all the information i’m including in the BADD Girls Club you’d have to invest the following separately:

  • Online fitness coach or personal trainer ($100+/month)

  • Online monthly nutrition program ($100+/month)

  • Business Coach/Money Mentor ($2000+/month)

  • Life Coach ($2000+/month)

  • Women’s Networking Group ($50+/month)

  • Virtual Masterminds ($200+/month)

  • Master Classes ($100+/month)

  • Ebooks & Online Courses ($50+/month)

  • Spiritual Consulting ($50+/month)

    THAT’S OVER $4650+/month to separate facilitators to access what’s happening inside the BADD GIRLS CLUB for a fraction of the price! We want to make success available to ALL women!

Inside the BADD GIRLS CLUB you will find:

  • Access to the private Instagram page with daily live videos & community posting (invaluable)

  • Access to Abundance Rituals & Super Freq (valued at $47/ea.)

  • Free access to all new mini courses & e-books as they drop ($17-$97ea.)

  • Weekly Mastermind calls ($200 value)

  • Monthly nutrition program (omni, veg & vegan) ($100 value)

  • Monthly workout program ($100 value)

  • Master classes and special guest interviews ($300+ value)

  • Living your Human Design information ($200+ value)

  • Exclusive gift with sign up ($50 value)

  • Exclusive gift when you refer a friend to the club ($50 value)

  • Option to contribute to classes/services/blog etc (invaluable)

  • 50% off The Fierce Formula or BADD B*tch Bootcamp registration ($200+ value)

  • VIP discounts on Human Design readings, Coaching Concierge, branding services, products apparel and more! (over $1000+ in savings!)

    EARLY BIRD PRICE: $47/month


    I am going to be completely transparent with you right now, and always.
    This club is new and growing so i wanted to offer you an irresistible price with incredible value because i know you are going LOVE what’s inside.

    Once we hit 100 members, the price WILL be going up, but you will stay locked in at your early bird price for as long as you maintain your membership as a great big THANK YOU for trusting in me and the collective of BADD girls working hard to create the lifestyle of our dreams.


  • Click the “JOIN NOW” button below

  • Submit your payment information for your monthly reoccurring payment

  • You will be emailed instructions, the link to join the VIP Membership portal, the name and password to the community Instagram page and how to download the included courses and material.

  • Let the good times roll!
    Turn on notifications on Instagram and keep your eyes on your email for all club updates and new content and start DIVING IN!

    PS. My members only club is free for those building a business with Fierce Figures.
    Want to join the club for free AND make an extra income - click here!R

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