My Human Design reading exceeded my expectations. The reading I received from Stephanie was so thorough from top to bottom, and gave me such rich insights about myself, my personality and what guides me in life. Overall this reading exceeded any expectations I had going in! There are so many ways to apply the information Steph provides, both in day-to day decisions, as well as long-term planning and guidance. Stephanie also is an amazing person to work with. She is kind, flexible, and warm. She provides information with such genuine care and I am incredibly thankful that our paths have crossed. You will not be disappointed by this reading!
— Alexis - California
A few days ago Stefanie introduced me to Human Design. Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Well i have, and after she read me my chart, SO many things made sense and so many of my questions were answered. I had always wondered if there was a deeper reasoning to who people really are but never realized this decoding really existed! Not only did i learn about myself, i was able to learn about my son and how i can be the best parent to him based on his own design. THIS IS THE KEY TO LIFE!
— Jennifer - Canada
Stefanie, your HD reading was jaw dropping. Everything you said makes total sense as to why i’ve experienced things i have and makes me feel justified in the reasons why i chose the path I’m on, even though it was different from what people expected of me.
Honestly, i’ve never felt more confident in myself and my decisions and i have you to thank!
— C.M - California